Details About Golf Carts
18 Jun 2020

Details About Golf Carts

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Golf carts are a type of miniature cars dotting each golf course. Golf carts are manufactured by multi-million dollar industries just as the huge car corporations do.

Golf carts have a wide range of formats and carry a small number of passengers. These runs at speed less than 15 mph per ANSI Standard z130.1.Golf carts are around 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. Their height is about 6 feet. Their weight may be from 410 kg to 450 kg.

The engine of them is type of 4-stroke.

The price range of golf carts is between $3000 and $15000.This depends on some special factors. This factor includes where you want to buy golf cars.

Other factor is the system requirements and carrying option of a car.

The first golf cart in the world is E-Z-Go, Pargo, Harley Davidson and Cushman. The price of the cart was &1200.After a few days many manufacturers enter in this field and its price dropped to $600.It was a gas-powered car.

There are three types of golf carts. Such as Push/Pull,electric motorized carts, and electric or even gas golf carts.

A Push/Pull cart has two or three wheels and a vertical support for holding a golf bag. Electric carts which contain sluggish are safer to drive. Your playing course may have many hills and may have no cart paths then electric carts may bother you. Because these types of carts are not suitable for long or tough courses. More powerful and faster than electric carts are gas carts. It may be dangerous also. Because of high speed it may cause an accident at tough courses.

If you are a weekend golfer you need both a reliable and safe car. You should choose what you want. Electric carts depend on constant charging but only to be filled up is enough for gas carts. If time saving is necessary for you you should choose gas carts. And if you need a safer cart you should choose electric carts. A gas powered cart gives a golfer all they need to play a good round of golf. A golfer will be able to keep his playing through 18 holes by driving his gas powered cart. Gas powered cart should be the best choice for a golfer